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Soon Nissan Cars Will be Psychic

Some cars today can predict when other cars are too close, or when that cute, little squirrel is about to jump out in front of you. But, soon vehicles like the Nissan Altima might have the ability to actually read your mind. To put it quite simply, we are telling you that in the near future Nissan cars will be psychic.

Nissan is partnering with cole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland to investigate and study "Brain Machine Interface" (BMI) concepts. BMI concepts allow those who are physically handicapped to maneuver wheelchairs via thought transference. The Japanese automaker hopes to convert this concept to use in automobiles in hopes that both disabled and able bodied drivers can drive telepathically.

"The Nissan and EPFL collaboration is developing systems that go to the next stage using statistical analysis to predict a diver's intentions and to evaluate a driver's cognitive state relevant to the driving environment," according to Motor Authority.1

Soon cars may have the ability to forecast a driver's next move. An interface with the vehicle's GPS will help set up upcoming turns. A mechanism may also interpret your facial expressions or read eye movement to see where you want the car to go next. With this technology a vehicle could prepare itself for the next move as well as assisting in picking the correct speed and appropriate road positioning.

Currently, all the Nissan vehicles available for test drive at Coon Rapids Nissan in Coon Rapids, Minnesota are not telepathic. However, that does not mean the Nissan vehicles are not as innovative!

Source: 1http://www.motorauthority.com/news/1066690_nissan-working-on-mind-reading-technology-for-cars

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