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Nissan Launches All New Nissan EV Quick Charger in November

The push to develop a faster quick charger for EVs isn't a new initiative for Nissan. The automaker has been discussing it for quite awhile. And, now they're gearing up to put a production-model charger where their mouth is.

Just last week, the Japanese automaker disclosed its new EV quick charger, which conveniently coincided with Nissan announcing their plans to bring the technology to market by November.

At first, Nissan quick chargers will be obtainable only through Nissan parts suppliers throughout Japan. The automaker's main prerogative is to help support the continuing development of the EV quick-charging infrastructure within Japan. When all is said and done, the Japanese automaker plans to sell 5,000 units of the new quick charger in less than five years.

Nissan's quick charger  is half the size, easier to install than the current EV charger and its starting price of roughly 1.47 million yen (approximately $19,123 USD) is well below the suggested retail price of the Nissan EV charger currently available.

The all new Nissan EV quick charger unit is incredibly weather resistant. The unit was purposefully designed to meet three individual weather specifications: base, standard and cold weather. The charger can even run in rainy weather conditions! The all new charger also has several features specifically devoted to safety, including monitoring against a potential short circuit. And, maybe the most impressive feature is the universal compatibility. The charger is not only compatible with the Nissan LEAF, but also with EVs produced by other automakers.

The Nissan EV quick charger is expected to eventually make it to the United States. "Preparations are also underway for future sales of the new quick charger in the U.S. and European markets," shares Nissan, in a recent press release.

Make sure you check back regularly for more information regarding the new Nissan EV quick charging unit. Coon Rapids Nissan, located at 3300 129th Avenue Coon Rapids, MN, is committed to keeping you informed.

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