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Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Versus Nissan

The BBC series, Top Gear, is one of the highest rated car review shows of all time. Much of the show's draw is the brutal honesty coming from host Jeremy Clarkson. If he doesn't like your car, he won't hold back letting viewers know.

Clarkson recently reviewed the Nissan Leaf. Along with the rest of Nissan's upcoming line, Clarkson said it was all too "boring." The people at Coon Rapids Nissan in Coon Rapids, Minnesota disagree, as does Nissan PR.

Nissan PR chief Tom Barnard complained to Top Gear that Clarkson's review contained "inaccuracies", adding they were focused on the presenters' comments about battery life.

"The presenters' suggestion that the Leaf battery would be scrap after three years is plain wrong," Barnard wrote.1

"Other than that part we actually quite liked the review. They said lots of good things about the Leaf. But other media - who love to hate Top Gear it seems - leapt on this and said we had been moaning about the whole feature. There's a reason we feel passionately about the Leaf," he wrote. "We feel we need to be first with EV technology, even if it means we have to take a few punches at the beginning."2

Many Top Gear viewers have a love-hate relationship with Jeremy Clarkson. Some love his candor and humor, while others feel is doesn't actually review the cars, only trashes them. So, what do you think of Top Gear's host, and the new Nissan line up?

Source: 1,2http://uk.autoblog.com/2011/08/12/nissan-pr-chief-hits-back-at-top-gear/

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